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Thursday, August 18, 2005


There are some terrible things to be addicted to like drugs, alcohol and gambling. Then there are things that make life easier. My dh is addicted to golf. He's played every day this week so far. He'd go play today if we weren't having friends over for dinner. I'm not unhappy about this addiction. It's exercise and getting him outside in the fresh air...though he is beginning to resemble a ripe tomato with his sunburns. :) Also, on the days I don't go with him (I walk the course with him...my way of getting exercise until we can get me a set of clubs), I can get alot written.

The sad thing is it's cheaper now for my dh to play a round of golf at some of the courses than it is for a tank of gas. Amazing and shocking.

I'm up to 28k on Danielle's story and there's no end in sight yet. (Actually there is...I have the ending written already. I'm just not sure how she's going to get there.) My goal is 2k a day...which I've been able to make or get close to the last couple of weeks. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep it up. :)




Blogger Paige Burns said...

get those clubs girl! i can send you mind if you want? it's too damn hot here to golf now anyway!

5:57 PM  

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