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Monday, August 15, 2005

Drag queens and Fallen angels

Interesting title, huh? Well, those are characters in my wips. One is Danielle, the heroine in my fourth Fallen book that I'm working diligently on. :) I think I'm about halfway through it and hoping to have it done by the end of August or Sept at the very latest.

I'm also halfway through my football story. That should be done by the end of August as well, but it has to be done by Sept 30th. No later...lol..that one's okay though I did leave my h/h in the midst of making love. Oh well, couldn't be helped.

I started writing scenes down for a m/m story...with drag queens as secondary characters. It's interesting and I hope I do them justice. This story is an experiment for me to try and write something different. :)




Blogger Paige Burns said...

I'm sure you have, but check out Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Great movie!

5:55 PM  

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