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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Let It Go

Okay...I was hoping that after Armstrong retired, we had heard the last of the doping scandal, but obviously there are still people so upset with the fact that he's dominated one of the toughest races in sports for seven years. All I can say is...People, let it go. It's been six years and it won't change anything except vindicate all of you who said there's no way Armstrong could do that.

Give it up. I'm suspicious of a newspaper that has for years badgered and complained about Armstrong suddenly saying they have matched up numbers on samples that were supposed to be anymonous. It still smells of a witch hunt to me. If it had been anyone other than Armstrong who won it seven years in a row, would you all be crying 'doping'? I very much doubt it.

Ultimately in the end, those who are cowardly and hateful will smear the reputation of a man who's survived far worse than spiteful people with a vendetta. Lance Armstrong has survived cancer and no one can ever convince me that his heart and body needs help from performance-enhancing drugs to win a race. He's already won the toughest race any of us could ever fight. He's won the war with death.



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Amen. :)

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