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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Back To Work

I've been sick the past couple of days, but it hasn't stopped me from writing...lol. I doubt anything could do that...not even a broken arm. I'd just get a little tape recorder and dictate my stories. :)

BREAKING NEWS: Fallen: Danielle has been contracted by Liquid Silver. I've signed on the dotted line and mailed it out today. Woo-Hoo! Also, we should know by the weekend when A FAERIE TALE anthology is scheduled for release.

I've been working on THE VEIL: HEAVEN & HELL. I've got 2k typed in so far and probably another 1k written out in long hand. As Paige says, I'm the long hand queen. I don't know...I just like writing in a journal and since I'm addicted to pens...I like to use them...lol

With Danielle being contracted, I have three published stories and three that have been contracted. :) So all together I have six since my first story, FALLEN: CELESTE came out...it might be seven soon since I sent in SACKING THE QUARTERBACK to LSB this week. :) Keep your fingers crossed.

Well, that's all the good news for today. Take care...enjoy the day..I know I will.



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