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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Break down of Civilization

Watching the news reports coming out of the hurricane ravaged Gulf coast, one begins to see the break down of civilization. The fear of what will happen in the next several days as the water stagnates and conditions get worse has overwhelmed the normal inhabitions of the people. I'm sure there are more good things happening than bad, but the news doesn't get the ratings by talking about the good.

Shots being fired...people looting and taking things that won't help them now....cizitens of the greatest government in the world wondering where that government is...where is the help they need right now? The total breakdown of the infrastructure of the local governments has hampered things so severely down there.

Yet good things are happening. We might not be able to see them through all the destruction, but help is coming. The rest of the country is on their way to help-phsyically and financially.

There is shock that a great city like New Orleans lies under water now. Yet, it was bound to happen. Mother Nature has a way of mocking us at every turn and nature has a way of taking back what we've taken from it. So we are left with the aftermath of mythic proportions.

Prayers and thoughts go out to the people who will not see their homes in months. Some will never be able to return. How do you rebuild? How do you find the courage and the strength to go on from an event so horrific? They will find a way. And our Gulf coast will be rebuild...maybe not as it once was, but hopefully better.




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