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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Christmas in September

Okay...I understand Christmas in July. But things have gotten out of hand now. I was in JoAnne's yesterday, picking up a picture and they have Christmas stuff out all ready. Totally crazy. Someone has forgotten there's at least two holidays to celebrate before Christmas. Both of them are pagan celebrations. Halloween and Thanksgiving (the Pilgrims didn't have Thanksgiving. The Native Americans had a type of celebration commerating the harvest. We stole it from them...lol)

They're fun holidays. Lots of candy and food. Football and parties. What are we missing by skipping them to start worry about Christmas so early? Has anyone started their Christmas shopping all ready? Not me. I'll start at the beginning of December and hope I get everything by the time Christmas Eve rolls around. :)

Oh and what was I thinking? Christmas is a pagan holiday as well. Jesus wasn't born in December, but to bring the pagans into the fold, the Christians decided to make his birthday close to the Winter solistce.

Soon Christmas decorations will out the week after Easter. :)

Still working on THE VEIL: HEAVEN & HELL. Not much written except on the synopsis. :(



Blogger Paige Burns said...

I too am a hater of too early decorations!

11:17 PM  

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