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Friday, September 09, 2005


Whew! Sacking The Quarterback is done and in the hands of my very lucky CP...lol. Well, I might be stretching the truth there a little. Since I've managed to inudate her with two stories this week. The other one is a very short story called THE JOURNEY OF BELLA NIGHT: Episode One: Saving Zev. It's my own little twist on were-wolves.

My publisher, Loose-Id, is working on putting together a blog of short stories to benefit Hurricane relief. I'll let everyone know more details as I get them, but that's what the Bella Night story is for.

Now it's on to part three and four of my VEIL series. THE VEIL: ANGELS & DEMONS which is scheduled for release from Loose-Id in October contains two stories...BELTAINE'S ANGEL and KALAN'S DEMON. The next one THE VEIL: HEAVEN & HELL (working title) will contain two more stories....SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL and A SENSE OF BALANCE.

Stop by www.loose-id.com to check out the cover for ANGELS & DEMONS. Pretty cool, isn't it?

I'm still waiting to hear back about FALLEN: DANIELLE. So no news on that front.

Well, this is just an information entry, I guess. For some reason, my mind isn't interested in talking about world events or political things.

Oh btw I watched a perfectly yummy man win a tennis match last night. :) Roger Federer is a talented hottie. Definitely makes tennis more enjoyable. I just might have to use him as inspiration for a hero soon.



P.S. My friend and fellow author, Paige Burns and I have started a yahoo group. Cover Model Rescue Team. It's going to be a discussion group..not only of our books, but all other topics we and our team members can think of. There'll be more info later.


Blogger Paige Burns said...

Gasping for breath as I come up for air from being inundated with stories...

LOL. Just kidding! CMRT is going to be so much fun, and hot! I can't wait till it's rockin' and rollin'!


5:00 PM  

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