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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Remember when?

Remember when...as Americans, we believed we were safe from terrorists attacks?
Remember when....terrorist attacks were things that happened over there?

Remember the day all those beliefs were destroyed?

The fourth anniversary of 9/11 is upon us today and we take a moment to remember everyone whose lives changed forever that day. Not only those who died, but their loved ones, the rescue workers who did their job and an entire nation whose sense of security disappeared in a matter of minutes.

Yet here we are, dealing with another disaster. This one wrought by the hands of Mother Nature and the hands of man. The people whose lives changed forever on Sept 1, 2005 are suffering and need our prayers.

Both groups still need our prayers and thoughts as the years go by. Both will be marked forever by these events and September will never be looked upon the same way. And we'll all be singing Green Day's song "Wake Me When September Ends"



P.S. Started working on THE VEIL: HEAVEN & HELL. Got a whopping 775 words done yesterday, but I did go back and re-read ANGELS & DEMONS to refresh my memory about my characters.


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