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Friday, September 02, 2005

Where Are You, Superman?

As I watch an event unfolding that has never been seen in America before-the total destruction of a major city, I begin to wonder where is Superman? Where is the Terminator? Where is Will Smith's character from Independence Day or even Bill Pullman's? Events like these happen in movies all the time and there is always a super hero around who manages to save the day. But where is the hero that's going to go and save New Orleans?

Wait a minute....there are heroes already there. Policemen whose own homes have been destroyed and whose own families are in danger. Firefighters doing what they can to save people. National Guardsmen standing in the line of fire, knowing that as more destruction happens and more people become angry, their lives could be forfeit to the madness and fear. Doctors and nurses trying to save their patients without food, water or electricity. Rescue teams from around the country risking their lives to save others. Coast Guard pilots and rescuers giving it their all.

Yet in despair, we realize that it isn't enough. The heroes can't save everyone. They can't push back the water. They can't put out the fires. The heroes can't stop the anchary of those who will take advantage of this disaster. For there are people in New Orleans who don't want to be saved. They want to take what they can and destroy what they can. They want power to take life or give it. They are angry, but at who or what? We can't say. They will kill those very people who long to save them. Those very people who will be racked with guilt when they have to leave, knowing there were some they couldn't save.

I've been working on my stories, yet in the back of my mind, I can't help thinking how unimportant they are in the larger scheme of things.

SACKING THE QUARTERBACK is 21k so far...only about 10k more to get written and I can turn it in. :)

Send prayers and thoughts of strength to the people of the Gulf Coast who must endure this. Also, surround the rescue workers, National Guardsmen and the other heroes down in New Orleans. May God keep them all in his hands.




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