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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Available Today

Woo-Hoo! Just in time for Halloween...my new book, THE VEIL: ANGELS & DEMONS is going to be released some time today from Loose-Id. This one is a little edgier. Here's the blurb:

Hell’s busting loose and things are getting hotter than ever. There’s a Veil between Hell and Earth to protect mortals from demons. Occasionally demons do cross over and Beltaine is there to take care of the ones who get out of control. Half demon, half mortal, Beltaine has seen the worst that both species can offer. Now someone’s trying to tear the Veil in half and if that happens, a war between the Horde of Hell and the Host of Heaven will destroy the world.

Beltaine must find the man determined to take over Hell and she has to do it with an angel she can’t keep her hands off of. Kalan’s on his first solo mission for the Host of Heaven, but to his shock and disgust, he has to work with a half demon half mortal woman. Beltaine’s take charge attitude rubs him the wrong way, but her lush curves and kissable mouth drives his body to distraction.

If lust brings two opposites together, can love and trust grow between them? Will they find the man who wants a war with the Devil and stop him before Heaven unleashes its fury?

How's it sound? Beltaine was a treat to write about. She's got a lot of attitude and doesn't take any crap from anyone. :) Kalan is rather unsure what to do with her, but she shows him rather quickly what he can do with her....lol.

I'm working on Vol. 3&4 right now. Just about finished with Vol. 3- SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL. Then jumping feet first into Vol. 4- A SENSE OF BALANCE. Don't want there to be too big a wait between books.

It's not up yet at Loose-Id, but at some time today, it's supposed to be available. I'm excited about it. I can't believe that I've had a book come out in Sept and October. Should my long term goal be to have a book released each month? Wow...I'd better get writing...lol

Take care and if you happen to pick A&D up, lmk what you think.




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