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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Still Plugging Away

I'm still working on The Veil: Heaven & Hell. I was hoping to be well into the fourth volume, A SENSE OF BALANCE by this time, but this entire month has conspired against me. I'm getting close to finishing the third volume, SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL. Thank goodness, I'm not under any sort of deadline except my own for this.

My dh goes into the hospital again tomorrow for his fourth surgery to get pins put back in to stablize his joint. Hopefully, the infection won't set in again. Yikes!

My book, THE VEIL: ANGELS & DEMONS comes out this week on the 26th at Loose-Id. I've gotten some nice advance comments about it from a few other LID authors, so I'm hoping it'll be a great success. That way LID will want to pick up a few other stories I have floating around my mind just for them. :) I'll post an excerpt on Wednesday from A&D for you all.

I've gotten two drafts of the cover for SACKING THE QUARTERBACK, my late Jan. release from LSB. We're getting closer to what I wanted. As soon as I get a finished one, I'll post it.

Good news...the Lions won their game. Whew! The whole team has been a huge disappointment from the beginning. But hey, the Red Wings are awesome this year, so I'm not complaining. (not much anyway!)

Here's a great pic of Karl Urban. He's starring in DOOM with The Rock. Enjoy!




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