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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Beauty & The Beast

Actually, I'm talking about the 1980s tv show and not the Disney movie. I got thinking yesterday about it and why I enjoyed it. I even had the soundtrack to it. :) I loved all the music and Ron Pearlman reciting all those poems was wonderful. Because I was wasting time yesterday instead of writing or doing any other work, I searched out those poems. Some of the best poets in the world-Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, e.e. cummings, Lord Byron, Shelley and Frost. But my all-time favorite poet had two on the soundtrack.

Ranier Maria Rilke wrote during the early 1900s, in German. He travelled through out Europe. Probably his most famous 'book' is LETTERS TO A YOUNG POET in which a young poet sent Ranier some poems asking for his critique and advice. Ranier wrote back and in those ten letters, he touches the heart with his lyrical words and pure rhythm of his thoughts. While it's good advice for any writer or poet to take, his words can also be used as a template for life at its most basic. Rilke found strength in his solitude and understood that we all must find acceptance in being alone before we can accept the presence of others in our lives.

I loved B&B because it was the ultimate love story. Catherine loved Vincent, not because of what he looked like, but because of his heart. She could see the human needs behind the animal outside. Any reader of shape-shifter books will tell you that's what makes the book. The total acceptance between the lovers. :)

If you ever get a chance, read Rilke's LETTERS TO A YOUNG POET and think on the tale of BEAUTY & THE BEAST. Maybe you'll find comfort in your own solitude so you'll be able to find joy in another person.




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