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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

New Contract

This is Jiri Fischer of the Detroit Red Wings. He's a defense man. :) Yummy! lol There's a Wings game on tonight, so I'll be watching it in between my writing.

Well, that proposal I sent off got contracted. First time I ever got a contract for a book I have yet to write. I've written it done on my own personal calendar for December. I plan on getting it written way earlier than it needs to be. Just in case real life comes and kicks my butt again. :)

I finished Sympathy for the Devil at 26k words...about 4k more than I had planned. I stuck realtively close to the synopsis I wrote up, but two new characters made an appearance. Jumped right into A Sense of Balance (Vol.4 of THE VEIL: HEAVEN & HELL). Things are going well with that, though I left my main characters in the shower in the middle of a love scene. Mean lady that I am. I hope they don't get pruney while I work on something else for the moment. lol

Also, I'll be starting FALLEN: CHRISTIAN this month. Hoping to finish it by the end of the month...but we'll have to see. Christian makes an appearance in Danielle's story (which will be out on November 14th) and Lucifer has a big part in this story as well. If I write his character right, you'll all love to hate him, but also see there's more to him than the evil creature we've been led to believe he is. :)

Take care and hope you had a happy Halloween.




Blogger Paige Burns said...

Man, he is yummy. Gonna have to start watching hockey now! Ohhh! *clapping hands* Congrats on finishing! That means I'll soon have it in my greedy little hands! And your DOD story is going to be great!

10:21 AM  
Blogger Tiffany Aaron said...

Hopefully, I'll be sending you something to read for Thanksgiving. :)


11:12 AM  

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