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Monday, November 07, 2005


Okay, I'll have to post the photo later on today since I don't have it on this computer. My fellow author, Paige Burns, wrote a sexy little scene inspired by a photo she found. You can get the first scene at her blog http://www.paigeburns.blogspot.com or you can visit our yahoo group, Cover Model Rescue Squad for the next installment. Now her scene was from Jane's point of view. I picked up where she left off. Only mine is from Josh's pov. Enjoy and lmk what you think of it. :)

PLAIN JANE- JOSH copyright 2005 Tiffany Aaron

“Well. Jane, it depends on what you’re talking about.”

Her eyes shot to mine and I saw the ‘oh fuck’ look in them. She obviously wasn’t expecting to see my face.
“Mr. Anderson,” she stammered.

Cringing, I remembered how much I hated hearing that. ‘Mr. Anderson’ always reminded me of those Matrix movies.


Oh hell, what was her last name? I’d stared at her ass for months now and I couldn’t even think of her last name. It started with a ‘V’..Van Poppel.

“Ms. Van Poppel.” I congratulated myself on not looking like a complete idiot. “What are you talking about?” It was the flirt and the jerk in me that had to tease her. I never would have thought she’d hit on me like that.
She seemed to be struggling with her natural shyness. Subtle wasn’t a trait I could claim having any knowledge of, but I figured I’d let her off the hook before she turned and ran. This was the first chance I had to say anything more than ‘hi’ to her.

“Here to work out?”

Well, it hadn’t taken long for me to ask a stupid question. She’s not here to look at your naked ass, I thought. What else would she be doing up in the gym after hours?

Jane’s green eyes dropped back to where my jeans barely covered my cock. I hadn’t gotten around to zipping them up. Seeing the flare of lust burst in her gaze, the imp in me decided to tease her a little more. I tucked my thumbs in my front pockets, framing my growing hard-on with my hands.

“Um, yes. I didn’t think anyone was still around,” she murmured, the pink tip of her tongue peeking out to wet her lips.

My dick jumped at the thought of that tongue tracing a pattern over the length of it. Down, boy, I ordered. Jane wasn’t the type of woman I could pick up for a night of fun. She was the best graphic designer the company had. I couldn’t risk fucking her and if the relationship went sour, I didn’t want her to quit. Which was the only reason I hadn’t approached her before this.

“Have you been working out more? Your clothes seem baggier.”

Her eyes widened and I realized I just admitted I checked her out. Winking at her, I decided it might not hurt to give a hint or two of being interested. Who knew? Maybe she could be the one it would work out with. God knew I was getting tired of the one-night stands and the shallow women who dated me just for my money.

I moved closer to her. I wasn’t in any hurry to leave now. Flirting with Jane was more fun than heading home for cold leftovers and Monday Night Football. Her breathing sped up when she realized she was trapped between the door and me.

“Why don’t you work out during the day? It’s safer than walking out to the garage after dark.” Reaching out, I braced one hand on the door and leaned in even closer.

“I don’t like people watching. Since it’s just you, Mr. Cooper and those two Barbie dolls using it, I figured I’d be okay after hours.” She couldn’t seem to lift her eyes above my chest.

Having a woman staring at my chest was a new experience for me and I found it was turning me on even more than her staring at my crotch. “Barbie dolls? Oh, you mean Brandy and Jessica.” I laughed. “That’s a good description of them. If Brandy gets any more work done, her breasts could be used for life preservers.”
Her breathless giggle made my chest hurt. The devil in me caused me to lean forward and whisper in her ear, “Your breasts are beautiful the way they are. I’d love to feel them against me.”

The pulse at the base of her neck sped up as I ran my tongue along the edge of her ear. I knew I was setting myself up for a sexual harassment suit, but the scent of her arousal was driving me crazy and I found I wanted a taste of her. I relaxed my arm until my chest pressed tight against her.

“Mr. Anderson,” she said softly with a hesitant touch to her voice.

“Yes, Ms. Van Poppel?” I trailed my lips down to the sensitive spot behind her ear.

“This isn’t a good idea.”

She didn’t sound convinced, so I took that as a message she wanted me to continue. Hell, if she told me no I would have stopped. I’m not into forcing women for anything. I didn’t want to neglect her other ear, so I switched sides.

“You’re right. It probably isn’t a good idea, but why not take a chance? Who knows? It might be the greatest idea either of us has ever had.”

She flushed and her hand came up to my chest with a tentative touch. My own breath caught when the tips of her fingers barely ran over my nipple. She tilted her head to allow me better access and that was it. My cock was alert and eager to get a piece of her. I keep my hips back. I didn’t want to shock her into realizing what she was letting me do.

I slipped my other hand into her hair and cradled the back of her head. I angled her so I lick the fluttering skin at the base of her neck. Her skin was smooth and salty. The heat our bodies produced caused her to glow with desire. I put a little more of my weight on her and felt her hard nipples poke my pecs.

Grazing her neck with my teeth, I felt a shudder work its way over her body. I never could fight temptation. Placing my mouth over the small piece of skin, I sucked on it. She gasped and both her hands came up to grasp my shoulders. I wanted to leave my mark on her. A bolt of lust ripped through at the thought of other men seeing a sign that she was mine. It almost got the best of me. I never wanted to do that before. Possessiveness wasn’t in my make-up. I guess you could say I had always been a love-‘em and leave-‘em kind of guy, but there was something in the feel of her against my body that cried to my most primal side and I didn’t want any other man to kiss her.

“Mr. Anderson, kiss me,” she pleaded.

That was what I had been listening for all along. I released her skin with a soft pop and moved up to her mouth. As our lips touched for the first time, the only thought that raced through my head was
I’m so screwed.


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Gosh, I love this! Now it's my turn!

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I love it too. You and Paige make a great team.

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