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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Another great review for THE VEIL: ANGELS & DEMONS. This one is from Just Erotic Romance Reviews. :)

"If you like snappy dialogue, well paced action, suspense, engaging characters and hot sex to spice up good romance then you will enjoy this excellent story!" Patrice Storie, JERR. 5 stars. :)

Amazing...I'm so glad readers seem to be enjoying the story.

Now I'm waiting to get my first reviews for FALLEN: DANIELLE. I've had a few of my faithful readers tell me they loved it which makes my heart happy. I don't want to disappoint them.

My partner-in-crime, Paige Burns, wrote the next scene in our on-going story, PLAIN JANE. You'll have to stop by our yahoo group...Cover Model Rescue Team...if you want to read it. I plan on writing Josh's next scene over the weekend.

My thoughts and prayers are with Detroit Red Wings Defenseman Jiri Fischer and his family today. Jiri suffered a siezure last night while on the bench during the Nashville Pedators/Red Wings game in Detroit. His heart stopped and CPR had to be administered. The news is good. He's alert and in stable condition today.

It's scary when something like that happens. Definitely makes you thankful for your life and everything good or bad that's part of it.

So say a prayer for Jiri and thank whatever higher power you might believe in that you're alive today.


Have you FALLEN yet?


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Damn girl! You're on a roll!

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