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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Winter Solistce

yes, I realize that Winter Solistce has come and gone, but better late than never. :) Happy holidays to everyone. Hope you have a safe and fun-filled one.

Boy, tell you what. I got my second review for FALLEN: DANIELLE last night and it's great. :) Tewanda from Fallen Angel Reviews gives it 5 Angels and has this to say, "Ms. Aaron has the wonderful ability to create characters that seem to come alive and ingrain themselves in the reader's heart."

Thanks, Tewanda.

So I wrote the first chapter in my Day of the Dead story. I'll start working on that in January. I've just been writing some other stuff. New things I want to try and stories that have been pounding in my head. Nothing's finished with those or even definite. I'm not sure how long they'll be or even what they'll end up being, but I'm writing, trying to stretch my talent into new arenas. lol

Joyous Holidays, everyone.


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Merry Christmas Tiffany!

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