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Thursday, January 26, 2006

I've been tagged...

Well, I've been meaning to update my blog, but this really wasn't the way I wanted to do it....lol. Thanks, Paige. Here are my answers:

7 things to do before I die:
1. A month long vacation in New Zealand. (have to keep this one as well...hey maybe we can go together, Paige. Leave the guys at home. )
2. Be able to write full time.
3. Take a vacation to Scotland, Ireland and England
4. Find my name on the bestseller's list....lol
5. train my cats not to eat an entire loaf of bread.
6. go to the PBR finals in Las Vegas
7. Take a wine tour of Italy.

7 things I cannot do:
1. I can't cook. ;)
2. stand prejudice of any kind.
3. deal with small minded people who have no idea of the real world
4. watch any Monty Python movie
5. plot any book I write
6. watch reality tv
7. enjoy winter

7 things that attract me to men:
1. Eyes
2. Intelligence
3. Confidence
4. Voice
5. Sense of Humor
6. Chest
7. Goals

7 things I say most often:
1. Okay
2. What the hell?
3. I was reading
4. Shut up.
5. Baby
6. NO
7. Don't do it.

7 Books or Series I love
1. Any book by Paige Burns (it's a mutual admiration society...lol)
2. Any of the Valdamar series from Mercedes Lackey
3. Shades of Twilight by Linda Howard
4. Jarhead Series by Sean Michael
5. Dance With the Devil by Sherrilyn Kenyon
6. Yesterday's Roses by Heather Cullman
7. Bewitched by Heather Cullman

7 movies I can watch multiple times:
1. 13th Warrior
2. All of the Lord of the Rings movies
3. Chronicles of Riddick
4. Gladiator
5. Bourne Identity and Supremacy
6. A Knight's Tale
7. Mr Smith Goes to Washington

Now that you know my guilty secrets....yes, I can quote almost all of the dialogue from 13th Warrior. :)

Passion Knows NO Barrier


Blogger Paige Burns said...

Looks like we can do a lot of things together! :)

Oh, I forgot about 13th Warrior! Loved that one!

Thanks for playing, even if you didn't want to! *smooch*

4:04 PM  

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