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Thursday, March 30, 2006


You can find this Ventian style Day of the Dead skull here.

What does the Day of the Dead have to do with a sunny day in March? Nothing much except that I'm finding it hard to get in the mood to write my DotD story. It's a ghost story and I think it can be really good. Just need a little push to get into it. I've started it..got 2k done on it. Of course, that leaves me 33k left to write. Yikes! I want it finished far ahead of its deadline.

Guess I need to find some scary movies to watch to get me in the mood. Trouble is, I don't like horror movies or scary movies for that matter.

Anyone have any suggestions on how I can jumpstart my story?


Blogger Paige Burns said...

I'm with ya on the scary movies, just can't do it. Have you tried getting a book at the Library? Maybe even a picture book (ala coffee table style) and immerse yourself in it for a bit?

2:45 AM  

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