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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It's Raining here

Ugh! I don't like deary gray rainy days. :( Gets a bit depressing after a while. oh well. My birthday was great. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and wished me a happy birthday. I put all the names in the hat and the winner is: *drumroll please*

Joy !!!!
Joy, if you could contact me at tffnyaaron @ gmail.com (w/o spaces..of course.) I'll let you know what you've won.
In other news...lol. I ended up having to scrap the Day of the Dead story. Just wasn't working and I didn't want to turn in a bad book or a book that I just wasn't happy with. My editor was very understanding. So now I'll be starting a shape-shifter book called Troubled Waters. :) I'm pretty sure it's going to be the first book in a seven book series with the possibility of there being an eighth book eventually. Also, I'm beginning to think about the next Fallen book. Christian's story is going to be a lot darker and more angst-ridden then the first four, so it's going to be a bit more work to get it written without being too over dramatic.
Thanks again, everyone.


Anonymous Angela said...

I am happy to hear about Christian's story. I keep checking the LSB sight and haven't seen it. Thanks for letting us know!

4:55 AM  
Anonymous Ruth said...

Been trying to find Christian's story. Was it ever published?
Got the older Fallen books from fictionwise.com but see that they have now removed all your books. Any suggestions where else I can purchase them from the UK?


10:06 AM  

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